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Related post: University of Montana, Missoula. Dr. J. L. Portis - Member, American Association of Immunologists. Invited Lectures and Participation in Meetings and Symposia ; Dr. B. Chesebro - Invited Participant, Workshop Chairman, 4th International Congress of Immunology, Paris, France. Dr. J. Coe - Invited Speaker, Symposium - Hamster Immune Responsiveness and Experimental Models of Infectious and Oncologic Diseases, Dallas. 29-3 SMITHSONIAN Buy Bicalutamide SCIENCE INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROJECT NUMBER (Oo NOT use this space; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE PUBLIC H'ALTH SERVICE NOTICE OF INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PROJECT PROJECT NUMBER ZOl AI 00072-09 LPVD PERIOD COVERED October 1, 1979 to September 30, 1980 TITLE OF Bicalutamide Msds PROJECT (80 characters or less) Host Defense Mechanisms in Viral Diseases NAMES, Bicalutamide Cost LABORATORY AND INSTITUTE AFFILIATIONS, AND TITLES OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS AND ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL ENGAGED ON THE PROJECT PI: OTHER: D. L. Lodmell Y. T. Arai Senior Scientist Guest Worker LPVD NIAID LPVD NIAID COOPERATING UNITS (if any) None lab/branch Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases, Hamilton, MT INSTITUTE AND LOCATION NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, MP 20205 TOTAL MANYEARS: 3.0 PROFESSIONAL: 2.0 1.0 CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) D (a) HUMAN SUBJECTS n (al) MINORS n (a2) INTERVIEWS D (b) HUMAN Bicalutamide 50mg TISSUES (c) NEITHER SUMMARY OF WORK (200 words or less - underline keywords) The major goal of this project is to delineate the mechanisms of host resistance to viral diseases . One model for these studies involves induction of nonspecific resistance of mice to encephalomyocarditis virus by an emulsion of nonviable Mycobacterium tuberculosis , and a determination of the mechanisms for this nonspecific resistance in an in^ vitro assay system. Additional studies have been initiated Bicalutamide Tablets to study the pathogenesis and neuro immunology of rabies virus- infected mice, and to ascertain the mechanism(s) by which mice abort central nervous system infections and recover from disease. 29-4 PHS-6040 (Rev. 10-76) Project No. ZOl AI Bicalutamide 50 Mg 00072-09 LPVD Nonspecific resistance to encephalomyocardltls virus (EMCV) Infection . Previous studies have shown that unstimulated peritoneal cells (PC) from mice sensitized with nonviable Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibited EMCV replica- tion in mouse embryo fibroblast monolayers, PC collected 2 to 6 weeks post- inoculation of mycobacteria were the most effective (>99% inhibition) . Inhibition of replication was not detected unless PC were in contact with infected monolayers for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours, and optimal inhibition occurred in cultures Infected with a low multiplicity of EMCV. Inhibition of replication was not due to pH changes or depletion of nutrients in cultures, adsorption and/or Inactivation of EMCV by macrophages, or killing of mono- layers by PC. Inhibition of viral replication was a result of the release of a unique Bicalutamide 150 Mg Type II interferon from the mycobacteria-sensitlzed but un- stimulated PC. As a continuation of this work, we have focused our efforts on characterizing the effector cell from the peritoneal cavity of mycobacteria- sensitlzed mice that is responsible for inhibiting EMCV replication. It has been determined that the cell adheres to plastic, Bicalutamide Price baby hamster kidney mlcro- exudates and nylon wool. The classical mature T lymphocyte is not the effector cell because nylon wool nonadherent cells from euthymlc mice are ineffective in inhibiting viral replication, and PC from sensitized athymic nude mice inhibit EMCV replication more effectively than PC from their euthymic llttermates. Neutrophils also are unimportant. Furthermore, the effector cell is not a macrophage because nonphagocytlc cells which remain after incubation of PC with carbonyl iron or protein-coated silica are as effective in inhibiting viral replication as untreated cells. Additional studies have indicated that Incubation of sensitized PC with antl-Ia8 anti- sera plus C eliminates the cell which inhibits viral replication and produces the unique Type II interferon. Lastly, PC from mycobacteria- sensitlzed mice have no NK cell activity. The effector cell appears to be an laS + B cell. Host defenses in rabies virus Infection of mice . Projects designed to study the pathogenesis and neuroimmunology of rabies virus-infected mice, and to ascertain mechanisms by which mice abort central nervous system
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